Understanding Prenatal Care
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Understanding Prenatal Care

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Understanding Prenatal Care

4 Tips For Preparing For A Pap Smear

Regina Cooper

Taking time annually to visit your gynecologist may not be something you look forward to doing, but is essential for your health. Having a pap smear completed each year is the most efficient way to detect any issues at the earliest stages. Many women dread having this simple procedure completed even though the discomfort is mild. Being aware of tips that can allow you to get the most from your pap smear screening is sure to be helpful to you.

Tip #1: Don't have sex

You will want to avoid having sexual intercourse entirely for at least a couple of days before your appointment. This can be helpful in getting the best possible results and not getting a test back that is incorrect and may cause you alarm.

Tip #2: Avoid swimming

It's in your best interest not to go swimming for a short amount of time before having this test done. Allow at least a couple of days before having this testing done before you go swimming and enjoy this wonderful exercise.

Tip #3: Write down your medications

The perfect time to get refills on any prescription medicines you take is when you visit your gynecologist once a year for this screening.. Many females get birth control pills or hormones from this specialized provider and the key time to get more medicine is when getting a pap completed.

Simply write down the names of the medications you take to help you get this accomplished when having your routine annual exam completed.

Tip #4: Don't douche

You will want to avoid douching before having this routine testing done. You may enjoy doing this on a regular basis, but be sure not to a few days before your appointment.

Another thing you will want not to do is use tampons. It's in your best interest to choose maxi pads, and if you're bleeding heavily, you may want to reschedule your exam. It's possible that your testing results could come back incorrectly if you get a pap smear while on your period.

The benefits of taking time for your annual screenings are many and will allow you to have the peace of mind in knowing you're healthy. Keep in mind there is a little discomfort in getting this testing completed, and it's done in a brief amount of time. Be sure to schedule a visit with your gynecologist today for your next test, or visit a site like http://www.centraliowaobgyn.com for more information.